January 16, 2015

A Story of True Love | Ian & Larissa

We’re all accustomed to the Disney version of love. A prince dances with a beautiful girl and searches the kingdom to find her again. Even when sequels are made, it still comes down to a “happily ever after” ending. So what does love really look like in the messiness of real life and with the imperfectness of real people? Well, messy and imperfect. But I think that this is where true love shines through the most. When the going gets tough, and the tough can’t make it on their own. This is where real commitment is defined, and love is proven to not just be a feeling, but also a choice.

Enter Ian and Larissa. I first “met” Ian when he and his best friend posted a series of videos they had created for a conference. I wish they were still online so you could see firsthand Ian’s talent and humor! So when I heard that he had been in a car accident, I joined with hundreds of others in praying and following the “pray for ian” blog for updates. One by one God answered our prayers, but not always in ways that we expected. Ian’s life was spared but recovery would span many years and never be fully complete until heaven. But through it all, Larissa was faithfully by his side!

So the day that Ian and Larissa were finally married was filled with rejoicing by their friends, family, and long-time followers online! But many on the outside wondered why in the world a beautiful, young girl would commit herself to a man with such severe physical disablement. Larissa wrote that in their case, she made the choice to stay and still love Ian through it all. No one is guaranteed when they get married that down the road some freak accident wouldn’t happen to cause this kind of injury to their spouse. She and Ian were just beginning their marriage with it at the beginning and demonstrating from the start who true love looks like!

But enough from me, you can read and watch Ian and Larissa’s own words and see for yourself a story of true love!

Why We Got Married
Learning Contentment in Suffering
A Daily Disabled Life

Three Years Later

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