October 4, 2018

Wedding Photography Hard Drives

Sharing is sometimes hard to do. Just ask the mother-of-the-bride who told me that she had just finally gotten some of the pictures from her daughters’ weddings that had taken place over the last couple of years (I was not the photographer!). Whether the photographer takes a long time to edit the pictures and deliver them or it’s months of waiting for the cd to be passed around and then hoping it works, it’s a story I hear quite often. Which is why I jumped on board the digital delivery via online galleries wagon when the technology first came out! But I still believe that tangibles like albums preserve and tell the story of a wedding day in a way that goes beyond just a facebook album online. I’m all about things you can touch and feel and creating a memorable experience for my clients from beginning until end!

So I was a little excited when USB Memory Direct reached out to see if I wanted to test their hard drives. I’m all about presentation, branded paper, silk ribbon, and personalized gifts so I loved the idea! Now along with a gallery link my couples can receive a beautiful wooden hard drive with all their photographs that just so happens to match their Heirloom Box! ;-)

Grass Valley wedding photography heirloom album and momentos.

Grass Valley wedding photography heirloom album and momentos.

While USB Memory Direct sent me these hard drives to try, this review is 100% my personal thoughts!

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