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May 27, 2015

Sometimes special people come into your life and cross from being just friends into becoming part of your family. So when one of my “little brothers” got engaged and sent me a message on Facebook to save the date, a sister road trip weekend was born!

And what an amazing weekend it was! Walking up to the ceremony site we came across old friends, including Leah & Derrick and Alicia & Chris, past brides and grooms! But our biggest surprise was another little brother’s special girl who had traveled all the way from the east coast to visit! It was such a joy to finally be able to meet her in person, topped only by seeing Austin and Erika joined in marriage at their sweet southern garden wedding! Love it when my friends find and marry amazing people!

Bride carrying bouquet and groom walking at a southern garden wedding in Cottonwood, California.

Handing lavendar wreath backdrop and groomsman boutonniere at a southern garden wedding in Cottonwood, California.

Boyfriend and girlfriend portrait in Red Bluff, California.

Just had to capture this prettiness on the way home!
Horses grazing in field with a barn in Red Bluff, California.

March 6, 2015

I freely admit it. The older I get, the more emotional I have become, and it’s not rare for me to cry while watching a touching movie. But as the movie The Drop Box ended, and I thought I had wiped away the last tear for the night, it was the testimony of the director, Brian Ivie, that had me choked up again!

When Brian went to South Korea to make this movie, his goal was fame and fortune. Little did he know the impact that these people would have on his life. I really don’t want to spoil the film for you, so I’ll leave it at this. Life is precious. And every child deserves the chance to experience it!


To learn more about this fight for life and to become involved, check out Kindred Image, the organization that was created to come alongside Pastor Lee to help change the culture!

February 21, 2015

Can we say almost caught up? Yay! It’s funny though. For being my favorite season of the year, I took the least amount of personal pictures. Probably because while wedding season was pretty much over, there were so many events that I felt like I was either shooting or editing at the computer!

Life of a wedding photographer via her iPhone with Aarti Parti cookbook, jcrew necklace, dior lipgloss, and practicing makeup artist.
– photographing the LivingWell Medical Clinic’s annual gala
– bought this Indian cookbook for my sister’s birthday. don’t think she minds that I not-s0-secretly wanted to use it myself!
– in love with my official sign at The Studio Collective!
– a little afternoon snack when editing like a pro
– a jcrew necklace and dior lipgloss is always the perfect touch for bridal shows!
– starting a new creative endeavor this year with bridal beauty! so excited to work alongside Angela Nunnink, hair and makeup artistry!

Life of a wedding photographer via her iPhone in oldtown Sacramento, magazine published, and 30th birthday.
– love when my friends come up to visit and we can just pick back up where we left off!
– #dosgatos really have the life
– a fun discovery as I perused the Nevada County Gold magazine, two of my pictures are featured in the wedding section!
celebrating my 30th with a couple of my oldest and dearest friends
– the five of us all together again!
– Saturday morning waffle brunch with friends

Life of a wedding photographer via her iPhone with LU alumni, senior portraits, ice skating, shooting, p.f. chang's, and pets.
– it has been years, but now I have my official LU alumni ID!
– adventuring in the woods for these Ghidotti high school senior portraits
– ice skating at Northstar with the #lydiaintern
– my other favorite type of shooting, without a camera
– trying out P.F. Chang’s for the first time with the fam. the hype about the lettuce wraps is true!
– #bluecollar and #fortunapuppy snuggling next to the fire

January 31, 2015

So much done in so little time! I had a hard time picking which pictures to share, not just for blog readers but even for myself in the future as this is my “scrapbook” of sorts!

Life of a wedding photographer via her iPhone with scrapbooking, healthy snacks, a pit bull, kitties, and an intern.
-catching up with a dear friend reliving our glory days by scrapbooking
-spent the afternoon with Polish and Pout and her cute Pit Bull, Luna
-one of dos gatos snoozing away
-my #lydiaintern!

Life of a wedding photographer via her iPhone at Starbucks, San Francisco city hall, beach, Muir Woods, Kinders BBQ, and bridge.
-heading down to San Francisco to shoot a wedding and stopping in Berkeley for a little work
-so excited to be able to shoot a wedding at city hall
-enjoyed the city for the rest of the day with my #lydiaintern
-to avoid traffic we hiked around Muir Woods
-ate the best bbq in the Bay Area, Kinders BBQ, in Hercules
-drinking coffee and enjoying the last rays of light as we headed home from an amazing day

Life of a wedding photographer via her iPhone pictures with 4th of July iced coffee, The Simplified Planner, finepoint pens, cooking, plums, and Tahoe camping games and lake.
-an early morning soccer game and some iced coffee to start the 4th of July off right
-found the perfect compliment to my Simplified Planner, Pilot G-2 pens with an ultra fine .38 point tip
-dicing and chopping
-plums from our own tree
-friends came up to Tahoe to visit during our #crosswayfellowship camping trip
-watching the storm roll in across the lake

Life of a wedding photographer via her iPhone pictures--cooking, smoothies, photoshoot, makeup artist studio, Nevada County Fair, and Courtyard Suites in Grass Valley.
-while cooking is not my favorite thing to do, I enjoyed trying out new recipes I’d collected on Pinterest and from P-Dub
-how I start every morning, even if it’s delayed by a workout
-first photoshoot at the new studio
-visiting the awesome Polish and Pout studio
-quick photoshoot at the Nevada County fair to help out LivingWell Medical Clinic
-from the backyard of Courtyard Suites in downtown Grass Valley–I think I live in one of the most beautiful places

Life of a wedding photographer via her iPhone pictures at Voodoo Donuts, International Test Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon state capitol, the Oregon Coast, and at the lighthouse.
-annual family trip meant a road trip to Oregon, starting with the best donuts ever
-Davis Austen garden rose at the International Test Rose Garden in Portland, can I just have one of each for my backyard?
-state capitol in Salem, with a tour and history lesson–#familytradition
-driving down the coast, stopping on the side of the road to capture this cute lighthouse
-aquarium visit and tour of this cute Yaquina Bay lighthouse which I wanted for myself
-sand dune kite flying

Life of a wedding photographer via her iPhone pictures of coffee, eos lip balm, The Simplified Planner, ice cream at Lake Francis, bride and groom prints, and Starbucks in the Bay Area.
-vintage, gold pineapple glasses I picked up for the studio at Value Village–need me one of those stores in California!
-an “I’m thinking of you” gift from a dear friend. perfect, no?
-lemon flavored lip balm? yes!
-returned the favor by visiting our friends while they camped at Lake Francis. ice cream was just a bonus.
-just a few of my favorite moments captured in prints for my amazing #lydiabride and groom
-eye check done? check! now for some espresso!

Life of a wedding photographer via her iPhone pictures of Good Day Sacramento, Foothill Events Center, and 31 bits.
-fence in the backyard of the studio covered with the prettiest vines and berries
-my back going out meant I carried this bag around loaded with “essentials”
-in the midst of the pain life went on, and Good Day Sacramento came down to shoot a segment on the studio and Roots Reclaimed
-privileged to have been able to capture a sweet couple’s anniversary party at The Foothills Event Center
-first party at the studio for photographer friends
-party, party time, this time for 31 Bits

December 30, 2014

From winter weather finally arriving to the first wedding of the season. Looking back I love the combination of spending time with friends, family, shooting for fun, and being able to capture memories for an amazing couple!

Wedding photographer's life through her iPhone pictures in Nevada City, California.
-a couple of my friends came down to visit, and couldn’t help pretending they were Nevada County natives with a sign that just happened to be laying around
-a beautiful rainbow that came out during my wildflower fashion shoot
-cookies made by my lovely friend and fellow photographer, Kris
-winter wonderland at the house
-so, so thankful for these Bean Boots when tromping through the snow and rain
-taking time to write down what I’m grateful for at the end of the day in my Simplified Planner

Wedding photographer's life through her iPhone pictures in Auburn, California.
-the view of my front porch the week leading up to the bridal show
-doughnut holes, fire baked pizza, and frozen yogurt–sustenance to see my crew through the long hours of building, painting, and planning
-a sneak peek of the beautiful handmade heirloom boxes available to my brides and grooms to keep their special treasures from their wedding day
-my own personal touch for the day of the bridal show–a floral crown

Wedding photographer's life through her iPhone pictures in Sacramento, California
-the cutest burro at Indian Hill Ranch
-meditating on Isaiah 53 on the week leading up to Easter
-spending time with my wonderful friend, Angela, and getting my hair did
-sneak peek of a night bridal shoot in the middle of a storm!
-just love when seniors think to invite me to their graduations parties and seeing how they use their pictures to personalize their announcements
-breakfast in bed for  special mommy!

Wedding photographer's life through her iPhone pictures in Grass Valley, California
-working with Hair and Makeup by Angela and Peak and Pine Social for a promo shoot for Indian Hill Ranch
-babysitting the chillins
-a wonderful breakfast provided by a past bride and friend after shooting her brother’s wedding the day before
-hard to paddle out when the boat is still tied–daddy decathalon
-can’t go wrong with jcrew!
-don’t leave your smoothie down low or our critters might help themselves

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