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April 21, 2020

Day 37 at home so here’s what is keeping me more than sane – actually pretty content and happy!

Jewelry Hacks

It’s not that I don’t like jewelry, but I’ve found my style = less is more. I don’t own a lot and it takes sometimes too much consideration for me to incorporate new pieces! So I loved these jewelry tips that help you to enjoy what you have to the fullest!

Madewell Sale

I haven’t investigated myself yet but 40% off almost everything!

Perfecting Your Manicure


Strawberry Shortcake

Can someone just make this for me??

Gentle and Lowly Podcast

I’ve been pretty ok the past month, but not going to lie, there have been some pretty sad moments and tears for friends truly suffering during this time. This podcast, I think based on a book, has been a beautiful devotional to remind me of how wonderful a Savior Jesus is!

Southern Styled Wedding Featured

This spring elopement “wedding” at River Highlands Ranch was a dream come true!

Aix en Provence

When my sister and I traveled to Europe, we knew we wanted to experience France outside of Paris, but weren’t sure where to go except the Provence region. My friend lived in Marseille for awhile and suggested Aix en Provence. But when we got there, we weren’t exactly sure what to do – enter Google! These three resources ended up giving us more than enough to see, do, and eat!

Walking around here and here

Best bakeries

French Beauty

Speaking of France, I just found an online site where you can order French beauty products delivered to the United States, including the best lip repairing balm I’ve ever found! If you want a dedicated blog post of fav products I picked up in Paris, just let me know!

Ok, maybe books next week… ;-)

April 13, 2020

I don’t know about you but I didn’t begin 2020 thinking I would spend at least 6 weeks sheltering in place at home in California. It’s day 29 (almost a month!!), and while I’m not yet stir crazy, it’s still very weird. So I wanted to pass on some randomness that has been filling my time and keeping me sane!

Free Classes

CreativeLive has free classes streaming every day covering topics like health, music, cake decorating, and more!

Custom Zoom Backgrounds

Elevate the look of your next Zoom meetup by using one of these backgrounds! Now to find a way to add a makeup filter…

Online Shopping

I have been good at resisting online shopping, but if there’s something you’ve been meaning to purchase, the sales might make this the perfect time!

Phone Alarm Schedule

The first three weeks were more about soaking in a figuring out this new life, but I was ready to get some work done! Implementing this phone alarm idea gave me back some structure to my days!

Photography lessons via Google Meet

Make Time to Connect

Going off the idea of a phone alarm schedule, I made time in my afternoon to check in on people. Whether it’s a text to ask how they’re doing or a video chat, I’ve found it’s easy for days to go by without checking in and reaching out. By that time of the day I’ve gotten the most important work done so I can turn off my business brain and just connect.

Free Episode of Epic

Tim Challies new book and documentary, Epic: An Around-the-World Journey through Christian History, recently released, and you can view an episode free online.

Group Memes

A little thing that has given me great joy is the group chat where we share memes we’ve found around the web. I’m proud to say we’ve now collected the creme de la creme for daily laughs!

Organize Family Photos

Ok I haven’t done this myself during this time, but if this goes on my longer… But seriously it’s one of those tasks that’s forever on the list to do, so I may take this free webinar to see if I can pickup some helpful tips!

5 Minute Abs

Adding this 5 minute ab routine into my daily workout is just a small thing that make me feel so much better! Little by little making changes…

Torta Caprese

There has been some experimenting with a gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipe, but the recipe we’ve officially chosen to perfect during this time is Giada’s Torta Caprese. A friend was able to make it with the middle was a little melty and gooey, so we’re trying a few different ways to get it exactly how we like it best!

Next up, books I’ve been reading…

February 28, 2020

May 26, 2019

The threat of crazy weather, the rental company canceling the beautiful farmhouse tables, the flower order not showing up until right before the ceremony…what took months to plan was all replanned again hours beforehand to pull off this rainy day garden wedding! But Kirstie and Matt + their team of family and friends did it so well that I bet no one even noticed! Even the rain held off until the guests were departing!

Kirstie fell in love with this dress even before the official engagement, so it was perfect that she was able to have to customized to fit her day!
A morning in the cabin with her girls to relax and be pampered!
Look closely to see Matt’s ring is made out of a beautiful wood encased in carbon!
Garden wedding walk lined with calla lilies
Chris Crockett was there to serenade everyone from the processional to the reception
Walking each other down the aisle
Surrounded by those they love most!
The officiant spoke a blessing over them in sign language to seal their vows
Spring dogwood blooms and natural garden beauty
Love how Matt incorporated family heirlooms along with his new heirloom ring!
And Kirstie’s vintage cameo!
Of course a bubble fight with the kids was a must!
Brunch, dancing, cheesecake, then an early evening after party to watch the Warriors play and relax with their friends and family!

Venue | Private Estate
Photography | Lydia Photography
Dress | ASTR
Makeup | Faces Adorned
Hair | Personify Bridal
Catering | Emily’s Catering
Music | Chris Crockett

January 23, 2019

It may have been pouring rain on Sunday but the Grass Valley fairgrounds wedding fair was a success! I admit I have missed doing bridal shows the last few years, mainly because it’s so fun for me to interact with couples and hear their stories and all of the amazing creative friendors! But a pretty close tie is getting to redesign my booth and tangibly showcase the Lydia Photography style that usual just lives online!

Bridal show booth with Tahoe wedding photography at the Nevada County Fairgrounds in California.

So grateful for A Curated Story and Wild & Lovely Events loaning me all the pretty props! It was so much fun to “shop” their rentals and choose the perfect pieces! Though honestly it was pouring rain that day, and I ended up getting so wet! Worth it!

Bridal show booth showcasing Grass Valley fairgrounds wedding in California.
Bridal show booth with Paris, France wedding photography at the Nevada County Fairgrounds in California.

My sister of Elizabeth Mae Creative created updated collection handouts which I loved! Couldn’t decide which picture to use on the front so I used all three, including the one of Petit Trianon in Versailles!

Bridal show booth with Miners Foundry wedding photography at the Nevada County Fairgrounds in California.

It was such a fun event, and I can’t wait to shoot the lovely weddings of some of the couples I met! 2019, you’re off to a great start!

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