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February 8, 2022

Almost as if time had stood still, two years later we all gathered together again at River Highlands Ranch for their wedding open house! Their 2020 wedding vendor event had been the last big event before the shutdown and in some ways it’s a whole new world. But we still came together for the same reason — to celebrate love and marriage!

Wedding photography at River Highlands Ranch
Wedding album at River Highlands Ranch
Engagement pictures and wedding photography in Paris

October 22, 2021

It started off with a conversation after church one day where Zachary let me know he had been thinking about Monica for awhile now and was wanting to pursue a relationship with her. Friends with both them separately and around for events Zachary put together like disc golf, let’s just say this wasn’t a total surprise to me. I wasn’t sure where Monica’s heart was but Zachary was hopeful from the start mentioning that his current school schedule would allow for them to spend more time together until his classes started at Davis in the fall and possibly a wedding the next summer after her graduation??

And all these months later, it looks like he wasn’t wrong! Official in April, by August Zachary was in talks with me about photographing a surprise proposal. But the timing didn’t come about until October where he worked out every detail to have Monica remember all their special dates and memories through a scavenger hunt! Starting off getting her nails done (smart guy!), Zachary sent Monica and her friend off for a day of following clues while he and his friends created this little area for a surprise proposal complete with battery-powered bistro lights. When she arrived, they talked and danced while he sang. When he came to to the line “All I want is you, will you be my bride” Zachary shocked Monica by getting down one knee. Let’s just say their wedding in July is just what the “doctor” ordered. ;-)

Surprise wedding engagement proposal
Couple hugging after marriage proposal
Wedding engagement hug
Dancing at engagement photography session
Bride and groom dancing after surprise engagement proposal

January 13, 2021

It has always been a desire for this space online to be helpful for my couples when planning their wedding, beyond just the visual inspiration! Because of this I was excited when I contacted Matt from Someone Said Yes to see if he could share some insider, little-known tips for working with your wedding DJ, and he said yes!! ;-) So get ready to bookmark this post or write down these deets! Oh and if you’re still looking for a DJ in the Grass Valley to Tahoe area, Matt is one of the very best!!

bride and groom first dance at wedding

Planning the Best Wedding Ever?

Here are my thoughts on a few commonly overlooked details –

  • Don’t put the DJ in an obscure location; the DJ needs to be easily visible and near the dance floor so they can see it to get a feel for the crowd. I kind insist in being on the edge of the dance floor. It’s a better experience.
  • If there are older guests, try not to sit them close or right in front of the speaker(s).
  • Don’t micromanage the timeline. We do need the order of events but not necessarily the exact time for each.
  • For your wedding, keep in mind that your guests are going to be where you are. If you’re on the dance floor, the guests will be too!
bride and groom dancing the jewish wedding dance the horah
  • If you have lighting above the dance floor, keep in mind that darker is better. Use dimmers for chandeliers, cafe lighting, house lights, etc. (This is really important)
  • If you have a bar or photo booth at your wedding, please try to put it in the main room where the DJ is. You want to keep people near the dance floor at all times.
  • When picking your music, you don’t have to overdo it. Pick 20 or so songs you like and a few you don’t, and let me fill in from there.
  • When selecting your songs for your wedding, take into account not only your taste, but the guests’ as well. I can send you a link so your guests can request some music before your wedding. Let’s review and pick some of the best ones.
  • You always want to leave the guests wanting more. It’s not your responsibility to entertain guests until 2am. For most weddings, a 10pm “last dance” works great and leaves plenty of time for an after-party.
  • If you have to cut corners on your budget, please don’t skimp on your DJ. I am passionate about my profession and I’m focused on helping to create the best wedding ever.
bride and groom dancing

For more DJ inspo and to see Matt do some impromptu sessions, check him out on his website and social media!

Someone Said Yes



February 28, 2020

May 26, 2019

The threat of crazy weather, the rental company canceling the beautiful farmhouse tables, the flower order not showing up until right before the ceremony…what took months to plan was all replanned again hours beforehand to pull off this rainy day garden wedding! But Kirstie and Matt + their team of family and friends did it so well that I bet no one even noticed! Even the rain held off until the guests were departing!

Kirstie fell in love with this dress even before the official engagement, so it was perfect that she was able to have to customized to fit her day!
A morning in the cabin with her girls to relax and be pampered!
Look closely to see Matt’s ring is made out of a beautiful wood encased in carbon!
Garden wedding walk lined with calla lilies
Chris Crockett was there to serenade everyone from the processional to the reception
Walking each other down the aisle
Surrounded by those they love most!
The officiant spoke a blessing over them in sign language to seal their vows
Spring dogwood blooms and natural garden beauty
Love how Matt incorporated family heirlooms along with his new heirloom ring!
And Kirstie’s vintage cameo!
Of course a bubble fight with the kids was a must!
Brunch, dancing, cheesecake, then an early evening after party to watch the Warriors play and relax with their friends and family!

Venue | Private Estate
Photography | Lydia Photography
Dress | ASTR
Makeup | Faces Adorned
Hair | Personify Bridal
Catering | Emily’s Catering
Music | Chris Crockett

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