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December 23, 2020

These two already knew what it meant to be best friends through both the beauty and pain of life. Their love had been forged through hardship and when walks outside by the river were all they could do. It was such an honor to capture their relationship in one of their favorite places!

We had to end with their everyday outfits, that comfy and cozy wear for living life and laboring alongside a best friend!

Engagement ring at Yuba River
Bride and groom at engagement session

November 30, 2020

Especially with the rise of social media and a internet access in the hand of almost every person, brand photography and head shots for business is so important! Depending on what you want to convey, the style you shoot can be trendy or even old school, but I always like to focus on lifestyle and personality!

Moving from New York to Grass Valley, California, it was time to add a few more images to Ean’s Moxie Bookkeeping portfolio. Especially as she is also a known speaker and Profit First coach!

Bookkeeping and profit first coaching business headshot
Lifestyle picture for bookkeeping and profit first coaching
Business headshot for bookkeeping and profit first coaching
Lifestyle shoot for bookkeeping and profit first coaching

May 27, 2020

I’m not a health authority but with a medical work background I’ve always been strict about my kit and cleaning protocols. With this pandemic, I’ve been using the extra time to study and get ready to do makeup and hair at weddings as soon as it’s safe! Here are some of the resources I’ve collected:


Milady Certification (the best one I found – free until 6/30)

Barbicide Certification

Lucas-cide Certification (haven’t done)

May 7, 2020

Copper Peptides

There are just some weeks my skin hates me, and a lot of people have been describing this phenomena with the stress of the lockdown. I was waiting to open this bottle until I’d used up another serum (#1empty1newbie) but desperate times call for desperate measures. Enter the healing help of copper peptides! While the results aren’t instant, my skin was less inflamed and finally seemed to start healing by the next day!

Spices Starter Collection

I shared about this spice company last week, but found this collection to be the perfect wedding gift for couples just stocking their kitchen!

Facing the Darkness

My bro B says it’s always an appropriate time to watch this movie (he’s a nurse with Samaritan’s Purse so he might be a little biased ;-) but it especially was impactful during this pandemic. It made me admire those who go into the fire to help others even more, and made me thankful that though COVID-19 is horrible and is taking many lives, it could be so much worse! The doctor who ended up contracting that disease reminds that audience that it wasn’t his faith that saved him. It was his faith in God that led him of putting his life at risk to help others, and it was God who saved him through people and crazy “coincidences” – all glory to Him!

Earl Grey Decaf

I’m just as surprised as anyone to be an earl grey convert! Granted I’ve gotta have some stevia and cream added, but it has become my afternoon drink of choice which requires the “decaf” to be necessary. So tea aficionados, which brand is the best??

Refresh your phone background

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April 27, 2020

Make Makeup Last

Jordan Liberty shares an old-school trick that is especially great for those with oily skin to help makeup last and not turn into a greasy mess!

Beauty Pros Safety

Coming from a medical background, I’ve always been extra cautious about working clean and disinfecting well. So while I don’t think I’ll have to change any habits, these podcasts for beauty professionals are a good listen to make us think through everything as we start working again!

Beauty Sponges

Speaking of working clean, I’ve heard amazing reviews of these $1.55 beauty sponges and might add them to my kit! Anyone try them out?

Bon Appétit Best Bolognese

Moving on from beauty, this BA Bolognese is on my list to make this week! I have another recipe I love to make in the middle of tomato season, but reviews of this have me wondering if this is a new winner?


I wouldn’t be a girl of my generation if I didn’t say that good branding and packaging doesn’t catch my eye! But while the tins first got my attention, I loved the idea of buying straight from a spice company that offers affordable pricing and refills!

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