January 31, 2015

Life via iPhone | Summer 2014

So much done in so little time! I had a hard time picking which pictures to share, not just for blog readers but even for myself in the future as this is my “scrapbook” of sorts!

Life of a wedding photographer via her iPhone with scrapbooking, healthy snacks, a pit bull, kitties, and an intern.
-catching up with a dear friend reliving our glory days by scrapbooking
-spent the afternoon with Polish and Pout and her cute Pit Bull, Luna
-one of dos gatos snoozing away
-my #lydiaintern!

Life of a wedding photographer via her iPhone at Starbucks, San Francisco city hall, beach, Muir Woods, Kinders BBQ, and bridge.
-heading down to San Francisco to shoot a wedding and stopping in Berkeley for a little work
-so excited to be able to shoot a wedding at city hall
-enjoyed the city for the rest of the day with my #lydiaintern
-to avoid traffic we hiked around Muir Woods
-ate the best bbq in the Bay Area, Kinders BBQ, in Hercules
-drinking coffee and enjoying the last rays of light as we headed home from an amazing day

Life of a wedding photographer via her iPhone pictures with 4th of July iced coffee, The Simplified Planner, finepoint pens, cooking, plums, and Tahoe camping games and lake.
-an early morning soccer game and some iced coffee to start the 4th of July off right
-found the perfect compliment to my Simplified Planner, Pilot G-2 pens with an ultra fine .38 point tip
-dicing and chopping
-plums from our own tree
-friends came up to Tahoe to visit during our #crosswayfellowship camping trip
-watching the storm roll in across the lake

Life of a wedding photographer via her iPhone pictures--cooking, smoothies, photoshoot, makeup artist studio, Nevada County Fair, and Courtyard Suites in Grass Valley.
-while cooking is not my favorite thing to do, I enjoyed trying out new recipes I’d collected on Pinterest and from P-Dub
-how I start every morning, even if it’s delayed by a workout
-first photoshoot at the new studio
-visiting the awesome Polish and Pout studio
-quick photoshoot at the Nevada County fair to help out LivingWell Medical Clinic
-from the backyard of Courtyard Suites in downtown Grass Valley–I think I live in one of the most beautiful places

Life of a wedding photographer via her iPhone pictures at Voodoo Donuts, International Test Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon state capitol, the Oregon Coast, and at the lighthouse.
-annual family trip meant a road trip to Oregon, starting with the best donuts ever
-Davis Austen garden rose at the International Test Rose Garden in Portland, can I just have one of each for my backyard?
-state capitol in Salem, with a tour and history lesson–#familytradition
-driving down the coast, stopping on the side of the road to capture this cute lighthouse
-aquarium visit and tour of this cute Yaquina Bay lighthouse which I wanted for myself
-sand dune kite flying

Life of a wedding photographer via her iPhone pictures of coffee, eos lip balm, The Simplified Planner, ice cream at Lake Francis, bride and groom prints, and Starbucks in the Bay Area.
-vintage, gold pineapple glasses I picked up for the studio at Value Village–need me one of those stores in California!
-an “I’m thinking of you” gift from a dear friend. perfect, no?
-lemon flavored lip balm? yes!
-returned the favor by visiting our friends while they camped at Lake Francis. ice cream was just a bonus.
-just a few of my favorite moments captured in prints for my amazing #lydiabride and groom
-eye check done? check! now for some espresso!

Life of a wedding photographer via her iPhone pictures of Good Day Sacramento, Foothill Events Center, and 31 bits.
-fence in the backyard of the studio covered with the prettiest vines and berries
-my back going out meant I carried this bag around loaded with “essentials”
-in the midst of the pain life went on, and Good Day Sacramento came down to shoot a segment on the studio and Roots Reclaimed
-privileged to have been able to capture a sweet couple’s anniversary party at The Foothills Event Center
-first party at the studio for photographer friends
-party, party time, this time for 31 Bits

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